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Who we are?
Π‘ats of Kotor is the Art and Handicraft Gallery offering souvenirs & items with images of cats – non-official symbol of the old town of Kotor. Every visitor can find here an unusual souvenir for themselves, or a nice little present for their friends, that keeps warmth of local craftsmen’s hands. These craftsmen admire not only the two of old Kotor’s colorful narrow streets, but also its fluffy inhabitants. You can easily find us – the Gallery is located in the XVI c. building, 50 m from St.Giovanni castle’s central entrance that overlooks the Cats’ Square with its big round fountain.

BUT now there is no need to reach us flying, sailing or driving. We welcome our guests virtually, 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Our door is open… come in!

Why cats?

Cats have inhabited Kotor for centuries; they’ve protected the town from eternal human enemies – rats and mice that live in plenty under the ancient stone pavement - the town stands on tens of small rivers and rivulets. Besides, the townspeople were always stressed by snakes often coming down from the nearest hill.

Thus, in the past sailors brought here very special cats that were known as perfect hunters. That’s how Egyptian sphinx, Russian blue, Siamese and other cats appeared in Kotor. During the centuries, the breeds were mixed and only the strongest and most adapted cats survived. And now, in the Kotor streets, we can see not the cute pets but strong, clever and cunning cats with elongated body, long legs and short fur. That is why they have become a kind of the town’s symbol that combines a unique mixture of different cultures, and which survived despite the wars, sieges and earthquakes.

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